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Probe Design & Synthesis


Probe Design
  abm offers a one-stop TaqMan probe design service, aiming to save time, effort, and money from preventing complications or even failures in qPCR experiments. A well designed probe is one of the key requirements for a successful qPCR. Using appropriate software and virtual simulation, scientists at abm are able to design TaqMan probes with minimal predicted complication of secondary structure at the binding sequence region on the template, thus ensuring an effective binding and ultimately an efficient hydrolysis of the probe. However, the effectiveness of the TaqMan probe still needs to be tested experimentally and so this probe design service provides 2 probe designs, in case the first probe does not perform properly in the actual assay. In very rare cases, a re-design of probes will be provided without additional charges when both initially designed probes did not work in the assay.
  • Convenient service that can be tailored to the researcher`s experimental needs.
  • Synthesized probes can be ordered through abm.
  • Further downstream applications are also conveniently available at abm: TaqProbe MasterMix (Cat.# MasterMix-P, MasterMix-PL, MasterMix-PS, MasterMix-PC, MasterMix-PM), One-Step TaqProbe qRT-PCR Kit (Cat.# G493-P, G493-PL, G493-PS, G493-PC).
  • Probe Synthesis
      abm offers traditional dual-labelled probes for use in real-time PCR to increase efficiency, sensitivity and specificity, as well as allowing simultaneous detection of multiple gene targets in a single reaction. We offer qPCR probes in a variety of reporter/quencher combinations. The following table outlines our synthesis scale and the minimum guarantee OD yield for each service.

    Cat. No5’ Reporter DyeQuencherSynthesis ScaleMinimum Guarantee
    OD yield
    C1346’FAMBHQ150 nmol10 nmol (~2.5 OD)
    C1356’FAMBHQ1200 nmol25 nmol (~6.0 OD)
    C136HEXBHQ150 nmol10 nmol (~2.5 OD)
    C137HEXBHQ1200 nmol25 nmol (~6.0 OD)
    C330ROXBHQ250 nmol10 nmol (~2.5 OD)
    C331ROXBHQ2200 nmol25 nmol (~6.0 OD)
    C332Cy5BHQ250 nmol10 nmol (~2.5 OD)
    C333Cy5BHQ2200 nmol25 nmol (~6.0 OD)
    C3346'FAMTAMRA50 nmol10 nmol (~2.5 OD)
    C3356'FAMTAMRA200 nmol25 nmol (~6.0 OD)

    All probes are HPLC purified and are delivered in lyophilized powder in tube format.

      To place an order, download and fill out an Order Request Form (see below). Please include all the required information such as your probe name, probe sequence, 5’- and 3’- modifications and the synthesis scale.

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