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SpeedySeq DNA Sequencing


Service Details
  ABM is proud to launch a new and express DNA sequencing service for our valued customers. This service has been designed for rapid delivery and great value, making your sequence data available for download within a week of your samples being received.
  We employ streamlined technology platforms along with our proprietary reagents for an optimized and highly accurate performance, with on-hand tech support to assist with your primer design and special requirements - you can count on our dedicated and highly experienced team for a reliable service to meet all your DNA sequencing needs.
  In addition to our sequencing service, we also provide custom oligonucleotide synthesis - making your sequencing project easier than ever before, please refer to our SpeedySeq DNA Sequencing with Custom Primer Synthesis, C197 for included primer synthesis.
DNA Sequencing of templates up to 800bp - results delivered within a week.

Submit a wide range of DNA samples:
  • purified PCR products
  • plasmids
  • genomic DNA
  • single-stranded Phage DNA
  • large constructs (DNA, BAC, Cosmids and YAC clones)

  • Select your free primers from our list of available universal primers, use our oligonucleotide synthesis service for unique primer design or send your own primers along with your samples.

    We can solve many sequencing related problems, such as multiple hairpin loops and uneven base distributions.

    We perform rigorous quality control checks to maintain a reliable service.
    How to Use the Service
    1.   Download and fill out an order request form. Please include all the required information such as your template name, concentration, estimated size and primer name, plus any special notes (high/low GC, multiple hairpin etc). Please provide your billing information & Email address. You will be sent a unique password to your email to access your sequencing data online.
        Order request form can be attached and emailed to info@drlab.co. A confirmation email for shipping your sample will then be sent to your email address. If a primer name is listed on the ABM Sequencing Primer list, these will be provided as part of the service at no additional cost. When choosing our free sequencing primer(s), please use the primer name exactly as shown in the list, and leave the primer concentration cell blank. If they are not listed, they will need to be provided along with your samples.

    2. Send your samples (+ Primers where applicable) to us at:
      ABM Inc.
      1-3671 Viking Way
      Richmond, BC
      V6V 2J5 CANADA

      Template TypeDNA ConcentrationDNA VolumePrimer ConcentrationPrimer Volume
      Plasmid100 ng/μl10 μl5 μM10 μl
      PCR (100-500bp)5-10 ng/μl10 μl5 μM10 μl
      PCR (500bp-1Kb)10-20 ng/μl10 μl5 μM10 μl
      PCR (>1.0Kb)20-40 ng/μl10 μl5 μM10 μl
      Cosmid0.5-1 μg/μl20 μl5 μM10 μl
      Fosmid0.5-1 μg/μl20 μl5 μM10 μl
      BAC0.5-1 μg/μl20 μl5 μM10 μl
      Genomic DNA2-3 μg/μl20 μl5 μM10 μl

    3. You will receive an email containing your login name and password along with instructions on how to download your sequencing data via the DNA Sequencing Results Login
    abm's DNA Sequencing Primers (Free of Charge)
    We are continually adding new sequencing primers to our repertoire, please view the available sequencing primers list below to find out which primers we currently have available in house.

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