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Custom Cloning


  A one-stop source for research solutions: abm offers a comprehensive selection of life-sciences related custom services aimed to reduce the time, effort and money spent by researchers. 

  abm's premium custom services include, but are not limited to:
  • subcloning
  • gene synthesis
  • mutagenesis
  • gene fusion
  • optimized expression vectors (i.e. adding reporters, tags or promoters)

abm's technological capability and expertise not only ensure 'peace of mind' in the quality of the final product, but also rapid turnaround times and the flexibility to service individual needs based on specific research projects.
Key Features
  • Convenient one-stop shopping that can be tailored to the researcher’s experimental needs.
  • Vectors are verified via restriction digest and all synthesized inserts are 100% sequence verified within our in house sequencing facility (C098, C097, C047).
  • Further downstream applications (i.e. virus production, stable cell line generation) are also conveniently available at abm.
abm Vectors Available for Use in the Above Services
You can choose pUC57 or pORF to be used free of charge, or any of the below vectors with a charge of $525.00 per vector (Cat.No. C318). The base vector will not be a deliverable. Only the final altered vector will be provided.
Lentiviral System Adenoviral System Protein Expression System
pLenti-III-HA pShuttle (+) pPM-His
pLenti-EF1a-GFP-2A-Puro pShuttle (-) pPM-HA
pLenti-CMV-GFP-2A-Puro pShuttle-HA pPB-His
pLenti-CMV-RFP-2A-Puro pShuttle-His pPB-His-MBP
pLenti-Bi-cistronic pPromoter pPB-His GST
pLenti-Tri-cistronic  pPM-N-D-C-HA
pLenti-III-EF1α  pPM-N-D-C-His
Additional lentiviral vectors available.Additional vectors available.* Vector maps and catalog numbers coming soon. Please contact customer service for more information regarding the above vectors.
Custom cloning involving the lentivectors can be packaged into lentiviruses.Custom cloning involving these vectors can be packaged into adenoviruses.
You will receive 1-2ug of DNA containing custom construct, sequence chromatogram trace files, gene report, QC restriction digestion files, an alignment file as well as vector information.

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